What We Offer

Readings By the Minute

15 min – $25

30 min – $40

1 hour – $80

2 hour – $140

Readings By the Number of Cards in a Single Spread

1 card – $5

3 card – $11

5 card – $22

8 card – $33

Hi, We are Griffin and Audra, the wild and wacky Psychics behind this crazy business.

Griffin –

I was born with my emphatic and psychic abilities, and have been training in them through generational lessons. I am learned many Native American traditions through these practices, and have blossomed with learning how to channel as a Medium, follow my Spiritual Guides and God, the Divine Spirit. This gives me a special ability to accurately see things that are coming and the impacts it has on your life.

I am also the personal creator of the crystal and stone jewelry pieces you will find through us. I craft each one so that the spirit and energy of the minerals flow freely to give them the most benefit. Let alone putting them in a fashionable design that fit into an outfit. Check them out if you are interested.

Knoll –

I am a natural born psychic with the gift of Claircognizance (clear knowing), or as I prefer to call it, a strong intuition. I have a deep connection with the Divine Spirit, my personal guides, and the essences of my animal friends to help guide me to reach into your heart and find the blessings, gifts, and lessons that are locked inside our personal Akashic Records, and down your many paths.

I have a unique gift of being able to see the distinct places where free-will and destiny meet. I can find the pattern between where Spirit leads you, and the choices we make that cause the turbulent waters of life that sometimes become hard sailing. Allow Spirit to guide you as it has me.

So walk with me, and talk to the wise spirit of the owls, as they guide you to …

Hear beyond the whispers of the wind; see through the darkest shadows of the night; feel beyond the silky veil of the other world; so that we may know when there is no other way of knowing.

Allow the divine wisdom of the ancient Owl lead you back to a more abundant path.

Donations are Welcomed

Donations help keep our site up, as well as our prices down. Every bit helps!

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